Decaf is not going to cut it today

I’m tired. It’s been a really nutty couple of days, and I think it has finally all caught up with me.

First, on Wednesday, Middle Sister was home with a slight fever. The contractor was busy installing my new back door, and I was keeping warm (since there was a big hole in the back of the house) by giving the bathroom (upstairs) a good scrubbing. Then the phone rang: the school nurse. “Please come right away and get Little Brother. He has head lice.”

Immediately I was itching all over. All you have to do is mention bugs to me and I start to itch. I went tearing out of here and over to the school, where a nurse I had never seen before had an office full of kids and it was really crazy. She told me to sign him out, take him home, treat his head, check everyone else and keep him home until Monday.

When I got home, I called a friend; I was supposed to pick up her daughter after school and I was sure she didn’t want to expose her child to lice. She asked if I had gotten anything to treat it with and told me to stay put because she had some stuff at home and would bring it right over.

The contractor had been a little surprised when I ran out of here and came home 20 minutes later with an apparently healthy child dressed in a school uniform, and he was a little grossed out too, when he asked what the matter was.

My friend brought over a natural lice remedy (not the toxic stuff that cannot be touched by human hands) and I used it on Little Brother’s head. Then I used the little metal comb and checked him super carefully. Didn’t find a thing.

I spent a good chunk of the rest of the day stripping beds, washing the afghans we keep on the couch, washing sheets and other bedding, washing Little Brother’s coat and hat….and the phone rang again at 2:00. It was the regular school nurse, asking me if the substitute we’d seen in the morning had shown me what she found in Little Brother’s head.

“No, and I treated his head and checked him, and I didn’t find a thing.”

She told me to bring him back in the morning and she would check him with me right there. Apparently there had been some false alarms….but the laundry was in progress and I had to finish what I started there. Plus I had to finish cleaning the bathroom since the tub had been sitting under a layer of cleaner and was threatening to disintegrate before my eyes if I didn’t rinse it off.

Back to school we went yesterday, and the only thing the nurse found in Little Brother’s hair was a “fuzzy” from his hat. So he was off to class and I went back home where I reassured the contractor (now working on the front door) that there were no bugs in my house or anyone’s hair.

Just in time, too, because Big Brother had 5 friends over for a birthday party last night (they have no school today). Fortunately the rest of us managed to sleep over the sounds of 6 teenage boys playing video games and watching movies.

They’ve all gone home; the trash is out and the French toast has been eaten up.

I really need to mop the floors, but I think I need sleep more.

Either that, or some real coffee.

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