Turn Away from Sin, and Live the Gospel

I began Lent 2008 with Mass at my younger children’s school. I think it’s good for the school parents to attend these Masses when possible.

The Mass was, of course, open to all parishioners as well as the school children, but Father geared the homily toward the kids. It was nice to hear what he had to say to them.

He spoke about Original Sin, about Adam and Eve, and about how all of us, when we are old enough to know right from wrong, sin sometimes. He reminded everyone that sin separates us from God, because it is not doing what God wants us to do. He also reminded them that God loves us–very much–so much that he was willing to give his only Son to die for our sins. And finally, Father prepared them for the sacramental that took place right after the homily, when he would trace a cross on each of their foreheads with a smudge of ashes, and recite the words that would be their “assignment” in Lent and beyond: Turn away from sin, and live the Gospel.

I liked that Father was not afraid to talk with the children about sin and our human nature, and that he was not afraid to challenge them to try to do better, letting them know that living the Gospel would bring them closer to God.

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