Will It Snow?

We have had hardly any snow at all this winter–and nothing that the kids could do any playing in.

But I bet it will snow now. How do I know?

The other day when I took Little Brother to that party, we had a lot of trouble with the automatic sliding door on the van. Every once in a while it acts up, and Friday was one of those times. It took me 5 minutes of trying to close it to figure out that I could make it stay closed IF I really quick locked the doors when it hit the closed spot, before it bounced itself back. I let Little Brother climb in through the driver’s door and climbed over the seat to buckle him up (good thing no one saw THAT; I’m sure it was quite the spectacle!) That car “dinged” all the way home to let me know that the door thought it was open. When I turned up the radio to drown it out, the ding got louder too.

Yesterday we took the van to the dealer but they couldn’t get it all fixed before closing for the day. They called us to come in and pick up a loaner van, which I definitely appreciate.

However, I just realized that Little Brother’s boots and snow pants are in the back of my van. We took the snow stuff to my parents’ house the day after Christmas so the kids could play in the snow, and I never took it back into the house. With no snow on our radar screen, I just didn’t think about it.

I’m sure the loaner van does not come with loaner boots and snow pants.

Therefore, I’m sure it’ll snow.

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