Fashion Statement

Winter-weather wear at Middle Sister and Little Brother’s school includes a uniform sweater or vest.

I generally prefer to purchase the sweater, since it can be worn with short-sleeve shirts underneath, and the long sleeves protect the cuffs of white long-sleeve shirts from getting covered in gray pencil grime. (I went down that road with Big Brother when he was in kindergarten. It wasn’t a pretty sight.)

But the other day I found an outgrown vest in Middle Sister’s closet. Little Brother has been bugging me for a vest (I guess his friends have those) and he was excited to see this one.

Today he tried it on. It’s still too big for him. He’s going to get his elbow caught in the arm holes! Big Brother advised him to wear his sweater instead, but he’s proud to have a vest and he’s insisting on wearing it.

He thinks he looks good. And if he has the confidence to carry this look off, more power to him. He’s going to school with his oversized vest.

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