Before the Snow

So far this winter, my area has gotten under 3 inches of snow. Normally in a winter we get about 20 inches. People south of the Mason-Dixon line have gotten more snow than we have this year. (And I know that if you’re north of me, you think we’re lucky, and that we’re stupid to be wanting some of what you have way too much of already!)

My kids are really feeling the lack of opportunities for a Snow Day. They want to build a fort, make snowmen, and most of all throw snowballs at each other and at any other kid who happens by.

All week long, the local weathermen (including “Mr. Scare Tactic Himself“) have been promising a decent amount of the white stuff at the right time to maybe give the kids an unscheduled day off.

Since the meteorologist I married doesn’t seem too interested in this weather event, it has fallen upon me to check AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, Philadelphia WeatherNet and the National Weather Service (at least the parts that are written in laymen’s terms) so that I can give the kids my best guess about whether school will be canceled in the morning. I’m sure I’ll be up early to come back to my computer and check, and check again, until I see that message they’ve been waiting for, or the school bus honks–whichever comes first.

A day off for them is not a day off for me, by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be nice to have a snow day. Even with the extra laundry and extra mopping, an excuse to make cookies and hot chocolate would be a good thing right about now.

And once we find out about school, I will have to start thinking about what we should do about Secular Franciscans. I’m not imagining that too many of my fellow Franciscans are intrepid enough to want to venture out during the “freezing rain” part of this storm.

But bring it on. I’ve got plenty of milk, bread, and eggs–items which are absolutely necessary in this area during a snowstorm. We’ll eat French toast like everyone else around here, have too many cookies, and toss a few snowballs around. Sounds good to me.

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