Super Cuteness

Thanks to the Cat in the Hat.

Little Brother’s class is celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday today. All the kids are allowed to wear “Cat in the Hat” stovepipe hats and crazy socks for “Fox in Socks.” They will have lots of Dr. Seuss stories read to them as well.

I couldn’t find a “Cat in the Hat” hat, but fortunately my neighbor had one and her kids didn’t need it for today. So Little Brother is off to school with his orange-and-white-striped topper.

It’s a really cold morning, so when he was putting on his coat, I put the striped hat into his schoolbag and gave him his winter hat to wear. He was not happy with that. “I have to wear this hat all day!” So I improvised. I put the striped hat on top of his regular hat. (Gotta keep those little ears warm, you know!)

He looked so cute as he crossed the street to the bus stop, with his huge hat on his head, on his way to a fun day in kindergarten.

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