Cast Your Cares Upon Him

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

That was one of the messages in today’s first reading.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

This was the first time all week that I’ve been able to get to Mass, and the reading was just what I needed to hear.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

I was in my usual Worry Over What Might Happen Even If It’s Really Unlikely mode, all day long today.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

Tonight at our Secular Franciscans meeting, our ongoing formation centered on Mary. A theme that kept coming up in the discussion was her great trust, and the example she sets for us with the trust she displayed.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

If I’m worrying over what might happen, I’m not doing too much trusting, am I?

“Cast your cares upon Him….and He will lift you up.”

Finally as the meeting closed and we chatted while we cleaned up the room, I was lifted up. I laid down my cares and some wonderful friends reassured me. I wonder if my sisters in Francis know that their words and kindness meant so much.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

We were truly not meant to carry our cares all alone.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

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