Clean Freak

Who, me?

In the past couple of days, yes! (If you know me in person, I know you will need a second to pick yourself up off the floor now.)

I’ve been having a couple of days of “spillover cleaning.” By that I mean, I go to pick up one thing or clean off one area, and before I know it, I realize that whatever’s around it needs cleaning too, and then I clean that, and so on.

Two days ago I excavated my desktop. It didn’t get dusted, but I sorted all the papers that were on there, filed some, recycled some, and put things that didn’t belong on my desk (Nasonex anyone?) where they do belong. And now my desk is all nice and neat.

Yesterday it was my dresser. I forget what I was looking for on the dresser, but suddenly I had taken everything off the top of it, and I had the Pledge out (and even the Windex) and the liners to my dresser-top baskets were in the washing machine. And now the top of my dresser is all neat and shiny, and not dusty anymore, and I have a whole bag of stuff that doesn’t belong there that I need to put away–like arrows from Big Brother’s Nerf gun, a tape measure, a Sharpie, and a bunch of buttons-in-envelopes that come on the tags of new clothes.

Today I saw a bunch of kids from Big Brother’s high school standing along the highway with signs for the softball team’s car wash. My car is covered in pollen (achoo!) so I figured it was worth the $5 to have the team restore my car to its original DARK green color. Then when I got home, I couldn’t stand to have the inside of the car be so filthy when the outside was so clean and shiny. So I hauled out a laundry basket, trash bag, Murphy’s Oil Soap, and the Shop-Vac, and now my van’s interior is as clean and shiny as the outside! And I have a laundry basket full of things that don’t belong in the car that need to be put away, including a can of tomato paste (how did THAT get there?)

Good thing tomorrow is Sunday (Mom’s Day of Rest). I don’t know if I can keep all this up.

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