Summer Reading!

I’ve already got one book on my summer reading list. Big Brother’s school is trying a “One School, One Book” program this year. Every student, teacher, coach and administrator will be reading the same book (parents are encouraged to read it also!) and the book will be discussed across the curriculum all year long, in addition to an evaluation of the students’ comprehension of it in English class. This year’s selection is Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer.

This morning I was listening to Little Brother read Scrambled Eggs Super! by Dr. Seuss, and wondering how to find out the difficulty level of that book. It didn’t come with a handy-dandy reading-level guide on the back cover. But I found this Book Wizard at the Scholastic site that has plenty of information! This will be helpful as I guide him in selecting books he can read this summer; he’s only got 7 more school days to go. Library, here we come!

And you have less than four weeks to vote for the finalists in this year’s Catholic Summer Reading program at Aquinas and More! The choices range from lighter fare right through Chesterton and even Pope Benedict XVI! If you’ve been thinking about expanding your spiritual-reading horizons, why not get involved in the Catholic Summer Reading program? There’s even a forum site where you can discuss the books you read. I voted for my “top 3” and intend to get busy reading soon.

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