Cast Away!

Middle Sister missed a few hours of school this morning so she could have her cast removed. She almost forgot to bring along her other shoe, since it’s been 4 full weeks that she hasn’t worn a left shoe!

Hooray–the doctor x-rayed her foot and was thrilled by how well it had healed.

He told her she could do anything she wanted, no restrictions.

This mom could have done with a few restrictions, since she is now plotting to find a way to try out for boys’ football when she gets to high school. Good thing parental signatures are required on sports permission forms….

She has a two-tone cast because while we were on the cruise, she slipped on a wet sidewalk in the Bahamas and fell, putting a crack in the heel of the cast–of course, right by the spot where she had broken her foot. The ship’s doctor added a layer to the bottom half of the cast, so she sort of had a “good-n-plenty” color theme going. The doctor today was impressed that they were able to make the repair on board ship, and I am thankful that it didn’t seem to impede the healing.

This morning when she got dressed she put her jeans on. She can get those flare-leg jeans over the cast and you can’t even see it. So when we were called into the doctor’s office they looked at her and said, “Where’s your cast? Aren’t you wearing your cast?”

She flipped up the leg of her pants a little and then they could see it. They were amazed that she had gotten the jeans on over the cast.

“Everyone underestimates me,” she complained.

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