Little Brother’s got skill!

When I cleaned out the garage last week, I took Big Brother’s old bike out of the shed, pumped up the tires, and put it in the garage. I figured that it was time to take the training wheels off Little Brother’s tiny bike, and then when he got the hang of it, he could graduate to the bigger one.

He was having none of that. He found that big bike on Saturday and there was no turning back. He worked and worked. Mostly, he didn’t want any help as he struggled to get the hang of balancing the bike and pedaling and staying in a sort-of-straight line.

This afternoon, he finally got it all together. Up and down the street he pedals, with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth and his helmet slightly crooked as he concentrates to stay on the bike. His friends are out there encouraging him.

He may never get off that bike now. I’ll have to serve meals out in the driveway.

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