More on Anti-Life Developments in Our Nation

Read what Genevieve Kinecke has to say about Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that children are too expensive.

Denise, the Catholic Mom in the Domestic Church, also weighs in. Great title: Economics (Eugenics) Nancy Pelosi-Style

Father Jay Toborowski on our “Catholic” Speaker of the House.

Jean at Catholic Fire has the video of Pelosi on Stephanopoulos’ program.

An excellent prolife article, with a quote from Mother Teresa, at Hat tip to Michelle for posting this link at her blog.

Our Tax Dollars at Work at the Rambling Catholic Soccer Mom.

This will be updated as I find more commentary. I cannot tell you how much this whole thing toasts my marshmallows.

A Good Reminder: Soutenus posts some “House Rules” as we go through these next four years. Amen to THAT–let’s keep it charitable, always. As the cheesy old song goes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

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