Careful What You Ask

Yesterday at my younger kids’ school, everyone gathered together to celebrate Mass for Catholic Schools Week. This Mass was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but the snow day caused a postponement. However, Father wanted to talk with the kids about St. Thomas Aquinas, whose feast was Wednesday, because he is such a good model for students.

Father is very good at explaining things in a way that helps little children understand, but isn’t insulting to the middle-schoolers. He also likes to tell stories and get the kids involved by asking questions. That last bit got him into a little trouble, because we all know that kids will say just about anything but what you expect!

Father started by talking about how St. Thomas Aquinas was a big guy, so big that people would tease him and call him names like “the dumb ox.” He told the story about how a hole had to be cut into the table to accommodate St. Thomas’s stomach. He mentioned that St. Thomas Aquinas wasn’t dumb at all, but actually really smart. And then he asked the children, “And do you know what St. Thomas Aquinas liked to do?”

The first child who raised his hand answered: “EAT!”

You can’t say they weren’t listening…

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