Lost and Found

Sometime before Christmas, Big Brother lost his school ID. They’re required to wear those every day. I can’t believe that he hadn’t been caught without it before now, but he’d gotten away with it for about six weeks.

Yesterday I shelled out $15 so he could get a new one.

This morning, just after Big Brother left for school, Little Brother was looking for a light jacket. It’s too warm for his regular winter jacket today! He grabbed a jacket that turned out to belong to Big Brother, so I took it back from him so I could put it back in the closet. I felt something in the pocket.

Yeah. The old ID.

I knew that as soon as I paid for a new one, we’d find the old one. And I remember telling him to look in THAT jacket, too.

Since it’s such a warm day, I thought it was a good time to dig some of the debris out of my car. Under the front seat I found TheDad’s softball glove. The one he couldn’t find, and replaced last week. We all knew we’d find the old glove. It’s Murphy’s Law of Lost Objects: replace it, and you’ll find the old one.

Unfortunately, school IDs and softball gloves are not returnable. I swear that people in this house should have locator devices on their stuff.

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