‘Twas the Day Before Lent

I had to spend a few minutes convincing one of my children that “fasting” in Lent does NOT mean that the Church requires that we skip breakfast and lunch every day until Easter. I have no clue where that idea came from.

Meanwhile, another child is considering giving up a particular class for Lent. Uh, no. The same child, when reminded that Lent begins tomorrow, and asked what sacrifice would be made, said, “Poop.” (As in, “drat.”) But this led to a completely gross conversation about the physical ramifications of giving up pooping for Lent.

And Middle Sister is trying to browbeat Little Brother into giving up his Nintendo DS for Lent by employing that Good Ol’ Catholic Guilt: “You know, Jesus gave his LIFE up, and you can’t even give your DS up?”

In a frantic bit of gluttony, I am trying to finish the Milky Ways. Lead me not into temptation, and all that. To my credit, however, I did not have one for breakfast this morning (yet). It’s still early. And I kind of lost my appetite after that whole poop talk.

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