He’s Not Taking This Lying Down

To his credit, Big Brother has decided to search for some resources that rebut Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, which will be shown and presented as gospel by one of his teachers.

TheDad and I did not ask him to do this. We did not order him to do this. He came to us and asked if we knew of any resources. He’s already made it known to his teacher that he does not believe the global warming stuff, and he is preparing to back this up with facts.

He may take some flack, and there’s always the chance that revenge will be exacted through the report card (I hope that won’t happen, but you never know.) But I’m not going to stop him. I’ll help him look for resources, and remind him to be respectful of adults in authority even when we disagree with their opinions.

It’s all part of growing up to be an honorable young man–and that, more than a good report-card grade, is what I really want for my son.

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