They’re Coming to Take Me Away!

Because my kids are driving me crazy.

We were all sitting there at dinner enjoying some baked buttermilk chicken and potato wedges and I needed to remind Little Brother of his manners.

“Potatoes are not finger food, Little Brother. And use a napkin–not your sweatpants!”

“Wow, he just got all of your pet peeves in one go,” Big Brother observed. Then he caught Middle Sister’s eye and the two of them started running around, pushing back curtains so they won’t be “even” in the windows, threatening to open windows so the panes won’t line up evenly, and pushing up one window screen for a more subtle yet still maddening effect. They know this makes me nuts.

If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know where I am. Sing that old camp song with me: “I’m going craaaaaazy, would you like to come along? I’m going crazy…”

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