Summer brings out the evil genius creativity in my kids.

Last week Big Brother cleaned out his closet. I use the term “cleaned out” loosely because I think it could use another 3 hours of attention. My idea of “cleaning out a closet” is taking everything out and only putting back what belongs. His idea is more like rummaging around in there and maybe finding something that doesn’t belong, and then leaving it on the floor until he’s tired of tripping over it and moves it back to the closet.

I digress.

He found the “fake fur” that he’d unbuttoned from his winter parka. It comes off so you can wash the jacket, but he’s no fan of the “fake fur” so he just took it off right away.

He and Middle Sister decided that this long strip of “fake fur” looks like a weasel. She offered to hot-glue some googly eyes onto one end, and now Big Brother is the proud owner of The Most Awesome Weasel Ever. How many other kids have a stuffed weasel in their room?

I have the feeling that this thing is going to make its way into a lot of lockers at his school this fall…

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