Strangest Snack EVER

Little Brother is attending Vacation Bible School this week. Our parish participates in a multi-church VBS–Catholic, Lutheran, Moravian, Methodist, and possibly more. The program they’re using this year is Crocodile Dock, which focuses mostly on Exodus events.

If you haven’t send your child to VBS, you might not know that often the snacks are “themed.” They are a craft project in themselves, and after the children build their own portion of the snack, listening to the Bible lesson at the same time, they get to eat their snack.

So today they learned all about the plagues that God sent on the Egyptians when they wouldn’t release the Israelites from slavery. Little Brother came home and reported on the contents of today’s snack and what each food represented:

Popcorn and mini-marshmallows for the plague of hailstones
Raisins for the plague of locusts
Chocolate chips for the plague of flies
And (I am not making this up) Gushers for the plague of boils.


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