Mom Needs to Know

Because I’m about to join the ranks of the Bifocal-Wearing Middle-Aged.

My dad once told me that you don’t become “middle-aged” until you are only twice the age of your youngest child. That means, when Little Brother is 36 and I’m 72, I’ll hit Middle Age.

I like that. It was working for me.

Until yesterday, that is–that’s when I went to the eye doctor, complaining that my distance vision and near vision are getting kind of fuzzy. She told me that I’d made it 4 extra years than most.

Thanks for that!

So I picked out some cool new frames, because if I have to wear these things (they’re progressive, but still…I’ll know they’re in there) I want to at least look a little stylish. The picture above is NOT my new glasses, by the way.

Anyway, if you’ve got bifocals, especially the progressive kind, I’d love some hints on what I can expect, and tips on how best to get used to the things.

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