Friday Happy Happenings

So far so good today.

Only 2 cavities at the dentist–not bad for skipping out on appointments for 18 months. And she was too busy showing off her “Glinda, Good Witch of the North” costume (yeah, my dentist wore a costume to work today!) to bother me about much.

There’s a Wawa right across the street from the dentist, so I got a good cup of coffee after I left.

I got home pretty quickly and got some of my work done before it was time to watch the kids’ Halloween Parade at school.

The parade was cute, as always. I’m glad I went. Clever, last-minute “costume” from one boy who didn’t bring one to school: a coin taped to the back of his t-shirt. He was a “quarterback.” (Would have been more effective if he had a giant-sized fake quarter on his back, but oh well. It’s the thought that counts.)

I stopped at the library to pick up the 2 books that were on reserve for me–only to find out that I had 9 waiting there! Guess the notices are backed up in the system. Good thing I had an empty tote bag in the car.

Then it was off to Sam’s to stock up on “Gummy” vitamins, iron supplements, and plastic cups for Middle Sister’s party today. She’s having some friends over. I’d rather they hang out here on Mischief Night, so I can confine them to my own family room and not worry about whose neighborhood they are wandering. BONUS: Sam’s had big bags of ice, so I didn’t have to make another stop at a convenience store to get that.

All I have to do for this party is supervise a tidy-up (and vacuuming) of the family room, do a swish through the bathrooms, and make some pizza roll-ups and pepperoni bread. Maybe I’ll get really motivated and get the recipe for that pepperoni bread posted to my recipe blog.

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