Baby Blue Laces for Life

I just heard about this on the Catholics Next Door radio show on Sirius/XM. Baby Blue Laces for Life supports pro-life nonprofit organizations. It’s a prolife awareness campaign. Switch out your shoelaces for the Baby Blue Laces; add the Baby Blue Wristband if you like. Someone will ask you why the blue laces–and there’s your opportunity to change a mind, and possibly save a life.

The tips of the laces read “Laces for Life.”

They’re only $3 a pair plus a very reasonable 64-cent shipping fee.  We’ll be lacing up around here very soon!

Simple witness is good. Prayerful witness is better. Stop by the Baby Blue Laces Prayer page as well!

2 thoughts on “Baby Blue Laces for Life

  1. nice, Barb! thanks for sharing this! it's a simple, yet powerful way to "witness." a very Franciscan way to witness, too – by example and without words, unless necessary. PEACE! ~tara t~ nice to see you posting again. how are you feeling?


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