Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay to be Frugal

I have a bin near the computer printer where I keep scrap paper that has printing on only one side of it, whether these are “rejects” from our own print jobs, school notices, or whatever. This paper is good to use for scrap printing (like untried recipes), printable coupons that are at most 3 to a page and huge paper-wasters, and drawing paper for Little Brother and his friends. It keeps them out of the “good” paper, which I reserve for the most special of projects.

So last night I attended the monthly cantors’ meeting at our church. The music director prepared us to lead the singing through Palm Sunday and we went over the troublesome spots in the sung penitential rite that we use for Lent. And that was all fine.

She also distributes a list of reminders each month. With the exception of the list of the new music and the date of next month’s meeting, these lists are identical month to month. Today, as I got my music ready for tonight’s folk group practice, I came upon last month’s reminders. I was going to put the paper into the scrap-paper bin when I came upon the little gem she’s got under Dress Code.

“Not too low, not too high, not too tight, no beachwear, no jeans, NO CRACKS.”

(Yes, it’s necessary that she spell it out to this degree, and unfortunately, some people still don’t get it.)

Anyway, there’s no way that this paper’s going into the reusable-paper bin. Little Brother and his friends can all read now, and I do NOT need to be explaining what “NO CRACKS” means.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay to be Frugal

  1. I've got a similar scrap paper bin and I use the pieces to write the hymn numbers down at Monday night choir practice. This week, I flipped over the paper idly, only to see something that should not have been recycled! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Isn't it a shame that she had to smell it out.i can't believe people would consider dressing like that for such an occasion. but there you go, we live in a very strange world sometimes.umm yes good idea about that note though.

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