The "Easter Fast"

Father H. mentioned at Mass the other day that we are coming up on the time of the “Easter Fast.” That term was a new one on me. He explained that this fast begins after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper this evening and extends until the beginning of Saturday evening’s Easter Vigil. But it is not the same as our Lenten fast, in which we might give up chocolate or fast food or (gasp!) coffee.

Instead, we fast from the celebration of the Eucharist.

Of course, you only notice this if you go to daily Mass. Today is a weird day. It’s 9 AM, and I’m feeling like I should be somewhere. Normally at 9 AM, I’m at Mass. I will be at Mass tonight, but my morning is a little off-kilter.

That makes me think about what Jesus’ morning must have been like on the very first Holy Thursday. What was he doing? He was preparing to celebrate the Passover meal with his disciples, one of whom would betray him, one of whom would deny him, and many of whom would abandon him. He knew exactly what was going to happen to him, and he was prepared to accept the physical and emotional pain that he would go through.

These Triduum days force us to break out of our routine–even good routines like daily Mass. That’s because these days are anything BUT routine, and the Church wants us to realize that.

Blessed Triduum!

2 thoughts on “The "Easter Fast"

  1. My parish is celebrating morning prayer with greater solemnity – changing it up on two fronts! No daily Mass Th/F/Saturday and reflections in addition to the psalmody…

  2. Yes, it does force you out of the routine. And it feels like something – more to the point, some one – is missing. The church feels empty to me without Our Lord present.

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