Beetles and Orchids

Like Barbara, I am not much of a flowers person.

Must go with the name.

But yesterday morning, when I was heading outside to put my guitar, my music bag, and the amplifier and electric bass that Big Brother is borrowing into the car so we’d be ready to leave for church, I found a little box sitting next to the front door.

A pink paper was sticking out of it.

The box contained an orchid corsage, and the paper was a homemade card featuring a colorful flower and Herbie “The Love Bug” and signed “Sincerely Adventure Boy your god son.”

Adventure Boy thinks that Herbie is the coolest EVER. He’s been Herbie for Halloween, and his cars in the last two Pinewood Derbies have both been Herbie variations.  So it’s no surprise that Herbie was featured on my card.

I’m not a flowers person, but I proudly wore that corsage to Mass and to the diner afterward, because it was so sweet of Adventure Boy, my godson, to tiptoe over here early in the morning and leave it for me.  I think the real treasure is the card, though.

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