Mom Gets Sentimental

It’s Graduation Day, which ranks right up there behind flu season and the DVD release of a tearjerker chick flick in total tissue sales.

This is the first of two graduations in our family in a span of eight days, so the tissues will be in short supply indeed.

Tonight Big Brother will graduate high school and will be launched into the big, exciting, and even a little scary world of college and beyond. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

He’ll be attending LaSalle University in the fall, which I believe is a wonderful choice for him. When we went to the school’s open house, I was impressed by the level of personal attention the students and prospective students received. I don’t want my kid falling through the cracks, and I loved the environment the university created. The university’s neighborhood, not so much…I’ll worry about that part of it, but moms need something to worry about.

Big Brother has really grown a lot during his school career. During his primary-school years, he was a very cautious kid. He wasn’t one to take risks or go on “scary” amusement-park rides. And when presented with a choice of doing two fun things that happened to be mutually exclusive due to schedule constraints, he’d agonize over which thing to pick.

This same kid was voted “Most Likely to Become a Pirate” by the senior class. On the class trips, he rode every roller coaster at least once. There’s a full-page picture of him in the yearbook dangling from a rock-climbing wall, and he’s learned that he loves whitewater rafting and canoeing.  He took flying lessons for a while, earned his Eagle Scout rank, and in the span of one short year learned to play the guitar well enough to secure a music ministry scholarship for college.  Now he’s working on the mandolin, bass, and banjo, and is figuring out how to build his own didgeridoo.  (I don’t know if that one’s going to college with him, though!)

Over the years, Big Brother has grown in many ways.  His lawn-mowing skills have progressed from decapitating a forgotten Fisher-Price person to completely shredding the cap to our sewer-drain cleanout pipe, as well as at least one tennis ball.   His artistic achievements include stamping, in 6-foot letters in the snow, “PANTS ON THE GROUND” in front of his school (yes, that made the yearbook too).   He has built couch-cushion “bunkers,” snow forts, cardboard-box forts for Little Brother and for his own friends when they participated in the 30-Hour Famine, Homecoming floats, stage sets, and Habitat houses in Philadelphia and post-Katrina Mississippi.   He has made toast over the flame of an Advent candle and helped his Boy Scout troop win the Iron Camp Chef competition.

I’m very proud of Big Brother and looking forward to seeing what the next few years will hold for him.  I’m going to miss him when he is off at school, but I’m very excited for him at the same time.  (And think of all the money I’ll save when I don’t have to constantly stock up on pretzels and Dr. Pepper!)  Congratulations to him and to the whole class of 2010!

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  1. Congratulations, Big Brother!(And mom, you don't really think you're going to save money when he goes off to college — you just have to use a stamp to get it to him!)

  2. okay, I don't even know Big Brother and got a little misty! We'll just blame the hormones 🙂 congrats Big Brother and good luck at LaSalle!

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