It Ain’t Over

…till it’s over.

This morning I’m heading to the hospital for an outpatient procedure to drain a large cyst that has developed on (or near) my left ovary. Apparently it’s the size of a softball.

The doctor hopes that one it’s drained it will be done and I won’t have to worry about it anymore. There will be ultrasound followups periodically, and if the cyst returns I will have to have it surgically removed.

This all should be easy, but prayers will be appreciated!

UPDATE: Thank you! 1/2 liter of fluid (that’s a water bottle, folks) has been removed. I can no longer feel a lump in my abdomen. I’m sleepy, but definitely happy to be home and grateful for the prayers and my comfy couch.

11 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over

  1. Didn't see this until this evening! Glad they were able to drain it and I hope you have been resting comfortably – as much as any mom can rest that is! 🙂 Prayers for you . . .

  2. I just now read this. Too late to pray for the procedure, but I will certainly pray for your speedy recovery, Barb!(and hey, you should milk this for all it's worth! Let those kids wait on you hand and foot!):-)

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