The Countdown is Over

Tomorrow Big Brother is off to school.

The weather promises rain–and it’s been raining all day. Go figure, the first rain we’ve really gotten this summer. I won’t be able to strap a footlocker to the top of the van in the rain. So it looks like we’ll be taking 2 cars to move him in to the dorm, since his electric bass and lots of other things take up a lot of room.

The favorite dinner has been cooked and eaten, and right now about 15 teenagers are noisily hanging around my living room, so nobody’s going to get much sleep tonight.

People are telling me to have lots of tissues handy. That’s not how I roll. I’ll just keep busy. Busy, busy. Then I won’t have to think about anything or worry. Busy, busy.

It’s going to be very different around here. Last time I bought chicken for the freezer, I packed it in meals for 4 instead of meals for 5. That’s going to be our reality. Not sure I’m ready for that reality, but it’s here.

3 thoughts on “The Countdown is Over

  1. I'll be thinking about you today. It's not easy, but you'll be fine. I got through the "drop off" with out tears – I kept thinking about all we had done to prepare him to be on his own and trusted in God that he would make the right decisions. Let's do breakfast after school starts.

  2. Good luck on the drop-off, Barb! I'll keep you and Big Brother in my prayers for a smooth move-in and a great start to college.And I am in huge trouble when my kids start leaving because I cried when I dropped them off at kindergarten! I may need to wait in the car to avoid embarrassing them ;).

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