Plan to Read This One!

My inner rebel often leads me to put off, or refuse altogether, reading those books that “everybody’s” reading. I’ve been burned before. Like the time I read The Bridges of Madison County. There’s four hours I’ll never get back.

But I decided to break my unwritten rule when I saw all the advance press about unPLANNED by Abby Johnson.

This is the story of someone who has been there. Abby Johnson began volunteering for Planned Parenthood during her college years, eventually landing a full-time job as a clinic director. She believed the party line. But it wasn’t until she assisted at an abortion that she fully understood what she had been advocating.

I purchased unPLANNED from a Catholic bookstore so that I could get the Ignatius Press edition, which includes introductions by David Bereit, director of 40 Days for Life, and Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. You’ll want to read those too.

This book will give you new understanding of what happens in an abortion clinic. It will give you new motivation to do more to help the prolife cause–and there’s much to be done. And it will help you realize that those who are pro-abortion are not so much the enemy as they are victims of a seriously flawed line of thinking that has been fed to them for the past forty years.

3 thoughts on “Plan to Read This One!

  1. Still waiting for my backordered copy, but I read the first chapter online and I tell you, it was hard to read. Emotionally hard — especially since the baby kept wiggling and kicking away inside me as I read. I hope my copy comes soon.

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