One of Those Days

And it’s not even 8 AM!

I had weird dreams last night; I was substitute teaching in a very unfamiliar school–the kind of school where there has been addition after addition until the whole place is a maze. You’re amazed if you can find your classroom. I couldn’t find any sub plans, there was a fire drill, school didn’t end until after 4, and they asked if I’d come back on a Saturday to sub again. Yikes.

Incidentally, I’m subbing for the librarian at Little Brother’s school tomorrow. But I know what I have to do, I know my way around, and school’s over promptly at 3. Saturdays? Not gonna happen. I can’t promise that there won’t be a fire drill, though I hope that if there is, it’s not when I have the first grade.

So I woke up and got a shower. I was almost dressed when my husband called, “Don’t take a shower!” Too late now…but apparently the sewer line had been acting up last night. Sometimes it gets clogged.

He spent most of the next hour crouching over the cleanout drain with a drain snake while Little Brother and I ran up and down stairs flushing toilets on command.

Middle Sister admitted that she’d forgotten to hand in her registration papers, check and bus form (due last Friday.)

My neighbor, who always drops off her unused coupon inserts, left them in my mailbox, and the wind carried them out of the mailbox and into the shrubbery, the lilac bushes, the fence, and the snow.

Middle Sister’s bus was so late that I wound up driving her, only to pass the bus when we went around the corner.

It’s definitely a glass-half-empty sort of day.

Can I have a do-over?

I think the best thing I can do right now is change out of my “grubby” clothes and go over to church. Then, I can start my day again. Hopefully this fresh start will be a good start.

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