Foiled Again

It’s a good thing we only live a mile or so from Middle Sister’s high school, because I use quite a bit of time (and gas) going back and forth.

On a typical day, she catches the bus in the morning, but misses the afternoon bus because of track practice. Sometime between 4:30 and 5:15 (depending on the length of the day’s workout, which varies) she calls for a ride home. Then I have to have her (and sometimes Little Brother) back there at 6:30 for play practice. If he’s done earlier than she is, I have to pick them up separately. That’s three or four runs to the school on a daily basis.

And then you have her tendency to miss the school bus. Sometimes it’s her fault, sometimes it isn’t. While you could set a clock by the bus driver Big Brother had in high school, who retired earlier this year, this new driver is not so punctual. He and Middle Sister seem to be on opposite schedules. On the days when she’s running a bit late, he’s at the corner by 7:35. Today she was out there with time to spare–and I wound up picking her up at the corner at 7:47. The bus was nowhere in sight. That’s almost a 15-minute window, which is a long time to stand on the corner when the weather’s not fantastic.

Sure, I could make her walk to school if she misses the bus. But I don’t do that in bad weather (it’s threatening to pour rain any second now) and I won’t do that if she misses the bus through no fault of her own. Today was not her fault.

So, today, I drove her to school for the third time this week. (Two of those were her fault.)

I joked yesterday that she had given up missing the bus for Lent. Apparently, though, the bus driver had other ideas.

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