Planning Way Ahead

On the way to church yesterday, we drove down a street where several houses sported “for sale” signs. Seeing these, Little Brother commented, “I wonder where I’ll live when I grow up.”

“I thought you wanted to be a priest, so I guess you’ll live at the house that goes with your church,” I replied.

“But Mom, priests can’t have all 7 sacraments. I want to be a deacon. Do you think Deacon B and Deacon D have received all 7 sacraments?”

“Maybe they have,” I told him. “The only one I can’t be sure about is Anointing of the Sick. But after church tonight, you can ask whichever deacon is there.”

(Such are the advantages of having 2 wonderful deacons in our parish, both of whom know my kids, both of whom are dads and granddads and willing to talk to kids and answer questions about how many sacraments they’ve received.)

After Mass, Little Brother waited his turn and when Deacon B was done speaking to a group of adults, Little Brother asked if he had received all 7 sacraments. They wound up in a good discussion about being a deacon, Holy Orders, and how old you have to be to become a deacon. And Deacon B promised to be there, if he could, when Little Brother receives that sacrament.

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  1. That is so cool. My husband is a deacon. My son had said the same thing. He had thought about being a priest and then said he would like to receive all 7 sacraments like his dad!There are other blessings as well. Among them – this past year he married my son and baptized a grandson!

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