Pragmatic Sacrifice

There is just so much sacrificing a 9-year-old can do.

Case in point: Middle Sister had a friend sleep over last night. Despite the fact that there’s a trundle bed in Middle Sister’s room, we woke up this morning to find her friend snoozing on the family-room couch. That’s where the TV is.

Little Brother wanted to watch TV.

While I was making his breakfast, he complained about the fact that he can’t watch TV this morning.

“It’s Good Friday today, bud. It’s a day of sacrifice.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, sacrifice is giving up something important, especially when it helps other people. What did Jesus sacrifice on Good Friday?”

“His life,” he said, as he gave me a big hug.

“So I think you can manage to miss your TV show this morning,” I told him.

He nodded, thinking about that for a bit. “It’s OK, Mom,” he said. “My show comes on again at 10:30. Do you think she’ll be up by then?”

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