Not Your Bus

Little Brother is the only kid in the neighborhood who doesn’t have school this week.  That’s because he’s the only Catholic-school kid in the neighborhood.  Everyone else went back to school today.

While he could have slept in, Little Brother is not that kind of kid.  There are video games to be played, and Nerf slam-dunks to be practiced.

Besides, he thought he’d lord it over all his friends, since they have school today and he doesn’t.

When he followed TheDad out to his car to say goodbye for the day, he saw people gathering at the bus stop.  But he came in to watch a few more minutes of SportsCenter.

And suddenly, the school bus was pulling away from the curb, and it was too late for him to brag about his week off to his friends.

“Mom,” he shouted accusingly, “you were supposed to tell me when the bus got here.”

Since when am I responsible for reminding my children to meet a school bus that isn’t theirs, so they can brag to their friends?  If they want to act like that, they certainly don’t need my help.

“I only issue reminders for buses you’re supposed to be riding,” I informed him.

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