Small Consolation

Eeek, I have just qualified for the Bad Mommy Award.  Looked up at the clock and realized it’s 9:30 and Little Brother is not yet in bed.

So as I packed him off to bed, I mentioned that I hope he isn’t grumpy in the morning.

“It’s your fault, Mom,” he reminded me.  “YOU didn’t tell me it was time to go to bed.”

“You were being so quiet, I didn’t even realize you were up,” I said.

“I like to be quiet.”

“REALLY?”  (That’s news to me.  He’s rarely quiet.)

“It’s good to be quiet,” he continued.  “I think I’ll be quiet more often.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll even be quiet in class.”

With 4 days left in the school year, I’m sure that’s a great comfort to his teacher.

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