An Empty Nest, an Apology, a Reprieve, and a Thank You

This week, the only kid we’ll have at home with us is Little Brother.  The other two kids are off on vacation with their friends who generously invited them along.  Lucky kids!  I won’t miss the all-day, everyday consumption of Dr. Pepper, Ellio’s pizza, and pretzels that seems to happen when my teenagers are around, but I’ll miss their company nonetheless.  So will Little Brother.  (I’m trying to plan a little extra fun into his week).  That’s the Empty Nest part.

The young man with the colorful vocabulary has come forward to apologize.  We’re glad about that.  And he was rather eloquent about it as well, expressing his regrets for his lack of respect to my daughter, to me, and to my family.  That’s the Apology part.

And now we’ve got six more days before there will be any teenagers around here.  That will give everyone a chance to cool down, and–I hope–a fresh start next weekend.  I’ve got a big sense of relief right now.  I’m glad that a confession and an apology took place before Middle Sister departed for the shore.  I’m glad for the opportunity to take a bit of a break so I can start fresh next week.  And I’m glad we stuck to our guns on this issue, even though my daughter doesn’t “get” what the big deal was.  Hopefully, one day she will.  And that’s the Reprieve part.

Finally, the Thanks part, in which I express my gratitude to you for your show of support in the comments, and for the prayers that I am certain strengthened me through the rest of this week.  Thank you ever so much!

2 thoughts on “An Empty Nest, an Apology, a Reprieve, and a Thank You

  1. Happy to hear that you've received the apology since I'm sure it's harder for a teenager to admit his/her wrong-doing. What a hormonal tumultuous age in life. Hang in there and God Bless!

  2. I'm going to think about it and come back. So glad to read that the young man did the right thing to resolve the issue.

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