Gourmet Meal

Our neighbors got home from vacation very late Wednesday night.  Little Brother was thrilled to see his two friends again–he’s really been missing them.

I was making a huge batch of spaghetti and meatballs, so I invited the whole family to come for dinner.  This way, the mom could have a break from cooking on her first day back (I knew she was busy concentrating on laundry).

She insisted on bringing a salad to contribute to the meal, and Little Brother enjoyed the croutons that came along with the salad.

This morning he noticed that the rest of the bag of croutons was still on my kitchen table.  “Did the neighbors leave the croutons here?” he asked.  “I really liked those.  I ate, like, 5 handfuls of croutons last night.  They were soooooooooooooo good.”

2 thoughts on “Gourmet Meal

  1. When ever I see croutons I think of the episode of The Cosby Show when Cliff takes Rudy and friends to a nice restaurant and they have salad with "crwotons!"


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