If It’s From the Fightin’ Irish, It Can’t Be Junk Mail

Little Brother noticed the pile of junk mail I’d tossed on the table (with the intention of ignoring it for a while before tossing it into the recycling bin.)  “Notre Dame!  You got mail from Notre Dame!”

“They’re just asking for money.  You can throw it out,” I told him.

He misunderstood.  “They’re sending you MONEY?”

“No, they’re asking me for money.  You can go ahead and open it if you want.”

“Why don’t you send them some?” he asked while tearing into the envelope.

“Because right now I send money to your school, Middle Sister’s high school and Big Brother’s college.  I don’t have extra to give to Notre Dame right now.”

Inside, he found a letter and a reply envelope.  He peeked in.  It was empty.

“Awww–a trick envelope!  I hate those!”

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