This is from 2006.  No paper chain anymore!

It’s time to get ready…it’s Advent.

This weekend, my folk group was off duty, and my family attended Mass at the school parish. Father began the homily by confiding that he really wished that if Christ were to return during his lifetime, that He would find Father serving the poor or visiting the sick or celebrating Mass with due reverence–but he really fears that Christ would instead find him in the middle of a traffic jam.

It was a good point. Do we live our lives by making an effort to do our best wherever we are? Even in traffic?

Although I had time today to get my house ready for Advent, I don’t feel ready. The wreath is on the table, and we lit the candle before dinner. The empty manger is in the place of honor in the living room, all by itself except for the stained-glass picture my dad recently made me (I need to find a good place to display that.)

The Big Kids helped TheDad put up the Christmas lights, which I could have waited for, but we had to take advantage of the fabulous weather today. I am calling it “no jacket November.”

The house is ready for Advent, but the mom is not. I have been busy getting ready for the Festival of Lessons and Carols, and taking Little Brother to rehearsals so he can get ready to perform in Pippin. I haven’t done any thinking whatsoever about getting ready for Christmas, which is pretty much fine with me.  I’m sure it wouldn’t be fine with the kids, the cousins, or the grandparents, however.  And sooner or later people around here will want the tree up, even through I am lobbying to postpone that activity.  Usually we do the tree on Gaudete Sunday (“Pink candle Sunday”) but since Big Brother will return from college on the 16th, and there is a full 4th week of Advent this year, I’d like to do the tree after he gets back.  It’s more fun to have all the kids there, fighting over whose ornament gets the tippy-top of the tree and who gets to hang the ceramic pierogi.

For the moment, I’m unprepared.  I’ll get there, though.  Wouldn’t want Jesus to catch me while I’m sitting in traffic.

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  1. One of the amazing women in my parish prepares Advent Chains with a reading.I admit, I don't make them anymore, just leave them in the stack, and pull out the appropriate one 😉

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