Still to be done

I’m not done shopping–for my husband’s gift, the kids’ gifts, and food for Christmas dinner.  Not to mention gifts for Little Brother’s teacher and bus driver.

Nothing is wrapped.

I haven’t even started baking, and my cookie recipe makes at least 10 dozen and takes at least a full afternoon.

Little Brother has a rehearsal tonight, so it will be another late night (that makes 4 in a row!)

Last night, though, I spent two hours sitting at the front of a church with my guitar, and my son and his bass, and a children’s choir that included Little Brother, and various string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, and a group of about 30 amazing singers, one extremely talented pianist, and an awesome music director who kept us all together.  We celebrated a “Festival of Lessons and Carols” with beautiful music and nine readings from the Old and New Testaments.

Four hours before the festival began, I still wasn’t sure if I could play one of the songs.  It was unbelievably difficult.  I spent part of the morning transposing it.  Then I practiced, and practiced again.

I won’t say it was perfect by any means, but I’m happy that I got through it decently enough.  What a challenge!

Last night was a gift.  50 people shared their talents last night–and for many nights before at rehearsals.  Every one of those people could have been doing something else, like Christmas shopping, or homework, or watching football games, or sleeping…but this is what they chose to do.

I suspect that all 50, if asked, would respond the same way I do:  it was definitely worth it.  So worth it.

The rest of it will happen.  If I had it to do over again, I’d put off the shopping and the baking and the housecleaning (who am I kidding–I’m always ready to put off housecleaning).  I’d put it off in a second to be able to be a part of an experience like that.

What a wonderful early Christmas gift.  I am tired, proud, and very grateful.

One thought on “Still to be done

  1. Hey Barb, I totally agree with your way of thinking, making beautiful church music really gets you into the Christmas spirit. I've been watching my brother-in-law practicing in the church choir these last few days, they sang a piece from Rachmaninof, which sounded absolutely angelic. I'm now in love with the purity of church choir music. You're in the spirit of Christmas without the prezzie shopping and baking, it's just great that your family can share in it too. I've only bought 1/4 of my prezzies for Christmas so far and have decided today to go online for shopping. I've ordered some jewelry from Macy's and a Tracfone phone and some curtains for my mom at the Potterybarn on line. I just ordered express delivery.You might like to try shopping online too for peace of mind.

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