Signs of the Times

Between 9 PM yesterday and 5 AM today, 2 different signs popped up in my house.

Here’s the first.  Middle Sister tends to get a little territorial about “her” green tea.  She’s not happy that someone else has been drinking it.  So to protect it from poachers, she decorated the jug.

Then I woke up to find the powder-room curtains draped over a chair in the family room and this sign on the bathroom door.

Here’s the reason for the sign.

5 thoughts on “Signs of the Times

  1. I'm amazed that I slept through that. There's a leaking waste pipe from the bathroom directly above that one, and the water finally broke through the ceiling. Fortunately no one got hurt. My husband tore out wet ceiling until he hit dry sheetrock, and a plumber is en route.

  2. Hey, it matches my kitchen (which my husband fell through while insulating the attic!). Though the carpenter is here now, repairing things…may the repairs go smoothly at your house!

  3. I love that you can keep your sense of humor when these little things happen, Barb. And I agree with Middle Sister that although we ought to share whenever possible, Arizona Green is a darn good object on which to exercise and defend one's right to private property.

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