I’m a mom.  Multitasking is my superpower.

This weekend, though, I am being forced to be single-minded.  I’m substituting for the light tech at Little Brother’s play.  Fortunately, there’s a high-tech light board that just requires me to push a button labeled “Go” for each cue.

This task requires an amazing amount of focus, as I learned during a rehearsal when I missed several light cues because I had gotten caught up in the play (that I’ve seen three times a week for the past two months…there are no surprises here anymore!)  So I can’t really watch the action on the stage; instead, I look at my copy of the script, following the action by listening instead of letting my eyes get distracted.  It’s easier to stay on track that way (Big Brother taught me that trick; both my Big Kids have run lights before, either at school or for community theatre.)

All that focusing can be a good thing.  It’s certainly something with which I’m completely out of practice.  There are always so many things going on at once; even when I’m the only one home and I’m working here at my desk, I’m keeping an ear out for the dryer’s buzz.  I’m reading several books at any given time.  Right now there are 10 browser windows open on my computer.

There’s a fine line between multitasking and being scatterbrained.

Many times, multitasking can’t be avoided–and in most cases, I’m pretty good at it.  But I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had this week to really practice paying attention.

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