Breaking the Silence

At Mass today, as the lector finished with the first reading and paused for a moment of silence before we began the Responsorial Psalm, I recalled Michelle’s post yesterday about silence; specifically, the part about silence during certain times at Mass.  We’re not very good at silence in our parish.  People start squirming pretty quickly if the lector takes too long stepping away from the ambo so the cantors can begin to sing.

And then we sang:  “I will praise your name, my king and my God.”

When the psalm concluded, the silence was broken not by the lector jumping the gun on the second reading, but by a toddler all the way on the other side of the church:  “YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”

Everyone chuckled, of course:  how cute!

Father looked at everyone, smiled, and said, “Amen!”

And then it was time for the second reading.

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