This Time Tomorrow…

I just keep telling myself, “this time tomorrow, it’ll all be over.”

I’m called for 11:00 at the hospital, for a 1:30 surgery time.  It’s clear liquids only, all day today, and nothing after midnight.  Not even water.

My neighbor kindly offered to feed the rest of my family so that I wouldn’t have to cook/clean up/smell/watch them all eat dinner.  I’m sitting here with a mug full of nutritious, yet boring, homemade chicken stock.  Or maybe turkey.  I use those interchangeably.  I have the broth in the mug with the picture of a Hershey Kiss on it, vainly hoping that the placebo effect will kick in and make it taste more like chocolate and less like, well, chicken.

My handy-dandy new pocket rosary will be coming along for the ride and I’m sure it will see plenty of praying action this week.

I’m going to have TheDad update my Facebook and Twitter (@franciscanmom) after surgery, but I probably won’t be back in this space until I have access to a computer or iPad.  That may wait until I’m home.

You all have my deepest gratitude for each and every prayer and word of encouragement that you have already offered.  Please keep on praying!

6 thoughts on “This Time Tomorrow…

  1. Today's the day. It sucks your surgery is in the afternoon and you have to go all morning with nothing to drink. I hated that with afternoon c-sections.I'll be praying Barb!

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