The Agony and the Dentistry

Want to really see me go over the edge? Send me to the dentist. It’s definitely a Near Occasion of Anxiety for me.

I have cried at the dentist’s before, when I was told just how much work had to be done. I think this was either shortly before or shortly after Little Brother was born. I remember being so upset that day that the dentist decided not to start the work then, because I was just barely keeping it together.

The past couple of years, I have avoided the dentist. I have neglected my own dental health as well as my children’s, because none of us liked the dentist we were seeing (what did it for me: she asked if all my children were “from the same marriage.”) And then Middle Sister chipped a tooth and I had a loose crown, so we went to a new-to-us dentist on Wednesday.

I was holding it together well, I thought, even though Middle Sister took every opportunity to light into me for not keeping up on her dental care. I listened to him explain that I would need a mouth guard because I grind my teeth, and that he didn’t like the looks of the crown; it would come out again, he said, if I didn’t take care of the grinding. I stayed calm. I took the news like an adult and figured I’d just deal with it.

I did not expect to lose that crown 3 days later while eating fajitas. I’m just glad it happened in my own home. But now I look like a hockey player (it’s a canine tooth), and I can’t get an appointment until Thursday to fix this.


I have 3 more days to wig out, and I’m doing just that, thankyouverymuch. I really wish that I had just insisted on getting all my teeth pulled out on that day years ago when I broke down in the dentist’s office and had to be sent home.

Is there Novocaine that works on the emotions? Because I need some.

11 thoughts on “The Agony and the Dentistry

  1. I sympathize hugely. Whenever my dentist says, 'this cavity is so tiny you don't need novacaine" I say "Oh yes I do. Just the sound of the drill makes me jump in the chair. I keep meaning to invest in noise cancelling headphones to wear when I'm getting drilled. btw, I'm six months overdue.

  2. I can sympathize too. I lost a filling in my wisdom tooth, a year and a half ago, I just cannot force myself to go. Eventually I will have to deal with it, but I just don't want to have to deal with it. I am not very keen on my dentist, his son joined the practice and we seem to get stuck with him and he doesn't seem very good. I hate to find a new dentist, they all seem like pushy sales men to me, I never trust what they tell me and always feel taken advantage of. Where are basic old dentists who simply clean and fill?Best of luck to you on Thursday,Bean

  3. Sister of a dentist and the biggest baby in the dental chair. I've cried too – just getting them cleaned. Good luck.

  4. I have a guard for clenching . . . I can't go an hour w/ it in my mouth 'cos of the saliva build up and my mind starts going (this is gross! take it out! what's all that saliva going to do to my enamel?). Endless drivel going through my mind . . . so I take it out. I'll never know if my TMJ will improve if I don't get over myself. I dislike dentist expenses. I don't like keeping my gob open for more than an hour or my TMJ gets cranked up, but I pop some Advil and pretty soon I'm fine. I have a tooth in need of a crown. I think it's why my TMJ is acting up like a roaring giant lately . .. so after my endoscopy on Thursday, I'll make an appointment to either pull it out (if the crack as gone into the root, it will be a root canal and a crown – expensive even with insurance so I think pulling it out would be cheaper and less annoying – and, no, I would just leave the gap) or do the crown. Uff da! I'm NOT looking forward to it. I have one crown now, but it's a huge deal. I'm always afraid it's going to budge – so far, it hasn't.Prayers!

  5. Your agony is understandable, Barbs. Going to the dentist can be quite challenging. However, it is something that still needs to be done. Maybe, you can ask your dentist to provide you with some music on your next checkup to help you relax. I recommend you go with classical! 😀Darcy Losh

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