A Rose by Any Other Name

So I was sitting at Little Brother’s soccer practice last night when the leaves of the tree next to me caught my eye. Because of the heavy underbrush, I couldn’t see the tree trunk, but the leaves were interesting. I have an app for my phone called Leafsnap that lets you take a photo of a leaf and then it analyzes it, offering a few possibilities for leafy identification.

My kids found the leaf on the kitchen table tonight (I had to set the leaf on a white surface or the app doesn’t work) and they think they don’t need an app to know that the leaf is probably marijuana.


It looks quite a bit like it, but according to the app and several websites, what we’ve got here is a sweetgum tree.

I had no idea those grew north of the Mason-Dixon Line; something about the name “sweetgum tree” just screams “Deep South” to me. Must have been mentioned in a book once.

My kids, however, are standing by their story and offering me assistance with recovery of a whole other sort than I’ve been working on for the past few months.

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