Fat Police

This morning, Little Brother and I went grocery shopping. Everything went well for the first 3/4 of the trip. We got nectarines, cucumbers, melon, bananas, celery, Cheerios, peanut butter, cookies (I had a coupon) and EVOO. Then we got to the dairy aisle, and that’s where things got ugly.

I reached for a gallon of milk, the kind with the red top that screams, “Full fat!” at the casual observer, and my skinny 10-year-old took me to task.

It’s got to be the propaganda that’s behind it. First of all, the kid doesn’t even drink milk–hasn’t in more than 8 years. I am the main consumer of that weekly gallon of milk, and I like my milk whole, thankyouverymuch. But boy, was I in trouble. “Why don’t you buy 2%, Mom?”

“Because I don’t like 2%. I like Real Milk.” We went along this way for a while, as I wheeled the cart along and picked up a pound of Real Butter and 18 Real Eggs and then headed toward the Coffee Nirvana section, where I once again bemoaned the fact that ShopRite never has quarts of light cream anymore.

“Half-and-half is just as good, Mom,” said my young Food Policeman.

“No, believe me, half-and-half is not just as good,” I sighed as I placed a quart of half-and-half in the cart sadly.

“Mom, I agree with that governor of New York about this,” he commented. (I think he meant “mayor,” but whatever. I was arguing for my Real Milk, not accuracy regarding government officials.)

Kid, I’m all for healthy, which is why I bought nectarines, cucumbers, melon, bananas, celery, Cheerios and peanut butter, and also the EVOO. But when it comes to dairy, I’m a full-fat kind of girl. And no one, not any governor or mayor or president or surgeon general or doctor on TV is going to tell me not to have my nice big glass of milk with dinner every night.

Real milk. With the red top. Ice cold. It’s the only way. I’m willing to sit down with the Fat Police over a cold one and discuss this, and I will not back down.

9 thoughts on “Fat Police

  1. Good for you! I don't drink milk, but my kids do. I will always buy full fat. It is good for them! My MIL tried to bring it up once but I quickly changed the subject. Isn't full-fat closer to the real thing anyway?

  2. I don't drink milk, so for me, full fat is like drinking half and half. But as far as baking or really good, fresh bread, it's got to be real butter – salted.

  3. Actually, I have a friend who has been doing some research on what is really optimal for the human body and she has changed a lot of her diet because of it. She takes a lot more vitamins, too. And she switched to Whole Milk as a result too. So it IS good for you! Or at least, according to my friend it is. (I know the two books she got most of her info from were The Fertility Diet and Marylin Shannon's Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition. SHe's not trying to get pregnant, but she has PCOS and the recommendations in these books are what is helping her feel better and giving her more normal cycles.)

  4. Yup, I think the full fat is healthier too, but like most things should be eaten moderately. 2% and margarine exist so people can have more for less (sacrificing flavor for calories). We buy red caps too and my kids are all skinny.

  5. I don't think Little Brother has thought this out carefully, Michelle! Wait 'til they start regulating carbs like bagels and waffles. He'll change his tune.

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