A Holiday By Any Other Name

It’s that time of year again, and this year I’m just tired of it. This morning’s paper carried the announcement that my township will be lighting its “Holiday Tree” later this week.

At least they waited until December, but that’s a rant for another day.

Yes, they called it a “Holiday Tree” in the announcement. But honestly, whom do they think they’re fooling? Santa’s going to arrive (via fire truck, not reindeer sleigh) and there will probably be candy canes. That, plus the decorated tree and musical entertainment by the middle-school chorus gives everyone the first clue:  this is not Labor Day.

Call it what you want; we all know what the holiday in question is. And I don’t think that ranting about the problem is going to fix it.

This Advent and Christmas season, I encourage you to remember the reason for the season, cheesy though that expression may be.

Take time to listen to some sacred music. My Advent soundtrack this year, in addition to the rehearsal music for the Festival of Lessons and Carols in which I’m participating, is Advent at Ephesus. I got my copy a week ago; today I’ll listen to it for the first time. If a church or school near you is hosting a Festival of Lessons and Carols, don’t miss it!

Light the Advent wreath.

Study the Gospel of Luke.

Make a Jesse Tree.

Decorate gradually, and keep those decorations up past December 26. We don’t “undecorate” around here until after Epiphany.


And have some fun. Watch the Christmas specials on TV or DVD. Don’t miss Charlie Brown or the Grinch.

I wish you a blessed Advent and Christmas season!

One thought on “A Holiday By Any Other Name

  1. This year, Nathan's office announced they'd have a "Holiday Party" on December 12. He complained & said, "It's not a feast day or anything." Au contraire! After I gave him a little information, he gleefully emailed back that he was so excited that in our age of secularizing Christmas and Advent, he was pleased to see the office would be having a party in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, honoring the Mother of God (yes, he said that, too) just prior to the time we honor her Son, Jesus. I promised to loan him the tilma our younger daughter made in history last year to display on the day. And I expect him to share any responses he gets to that email.

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