Future Green Builder Of America (and maybe a deacon too)

Little Brother spent most of the car ride to and from tonight’s play rehearsal to discuss his future aspirations. He wants to play professional soccer and then become a deacon–if it doesn’t take too long to prepare for Holy Orders. He also wants to be a doctor. (I didn’t bother to burst his bubble by telling him that it’s probably quicker to prepare for the diaconate than for a career in medicine.)

As we passed a new neighborhood-under-construction, he mentioned that one of his classmates might move there. “The builders took all the trees down,” he observed. “What do you think they did with them? Will they use those trees to build the houses?”

“They don’t build houses that way anymore,” I told him. “I don’t know what they do with the trees; they might grind them up right there, or they might take them someplace else to use for firewood or something. But the builder is going to get his materials from a lumberyard that has everything already processed.”

“That’s a bad way to build houses,” he commented. “When I grow up and become a Builder of Houses, I’m going to use the trees I cut down to make part of the houses. And if I have any leftovers, I’ll give them away so someone can make notebooks.”

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