Cleaning Up My (Linguistic) Act

A few times in the past couple of days, there have been discussions involving swearing. Patrick Madrid, on Tuesday, hosted an episode of “Right Here, Right Now” where he called out people who use profanity in social media (or anywhere, really).  Then, Katharine Grubb, the 10Minute Writer, brought up the topic in the context of her ongoing series on chivalry.

I’m not one to use the F-bomb, but I do have a couple of other “choice” words that could stand to be eradicated from my vocabulary. Especially the whole “taking the Lord’s name in vain” thing.

It’s been on my mind.

So this morning I was on my way to school, same as any other Friday morning. My timing must have been a bit off, because I got stuck behind a school bus that I don’t usually see. As I drove through the neighborhood, that bus kept turning down the same streets I was about to use.

I hate following school buses, especially the ones that go to the early-elementary school, because they take for-ev-er to go anyplace, and kids’ moms stand there chatting with the bus driver while the little STOP sign sticks out from the side of the bus and the red lights blink, so I can’t pass.

School buses just don’t drive with the same sense of urgency I do.

Once again, that bus turned the same way I was about to go.  “Jesus Christ!” I yelled.

Then I thought better of it, figured I’d turn it into a prayer. “Have mercy on us, and on the whole world.”

Immediately, the bus made yet another turn–down a street that was not on my route.


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